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Good News: we already successfully launched 8.2

Author:Rappelz Team   Publish Date:2013/6/4 15:00:00

Good News: we already successfully launched 8.2

Here is the sneak peek of our upcoming EPIC 8 PART 2: Dungeon Adventure

Instance Dungeon for Master Class

Basement of Witch followers: Relics of Arid Moonlight

Basement of Witch followers: Lost Mines

Basement of Witch followers: Crystal Valley

Basement of Witch followers: Palmir Remains


 New Costume


Soul Taming System

Now you can have as creatures monsters that were your enemies before.

In case of successful taming, player can check attack form of creature and brief information in creature card info window.

Soul creature can learn skill according to its attack form. You can find out skills, only when creature level grows.

In case of soul creatures skill, different skills are obtained after taming.

Even if players have same healer creatures, skill trees are different, So you need to work hard to get creature with better skills.

User Interface change

CHARACTER BASIC UI -  Width size increased, race and profession are indicated in details.

CREATURE UI – Mark of creature form over breed mark is added

Rebalancing of dungeons for 120 lv and less

  • Relics of Arid Moonlight(30~50 lvl)
  • Lost mines (50~70 lvl)
  • Crystal valley (70~90 lvl)
  • Hidden crystal valley (70~90 lvl hard dungeon)
  • Palmir Remains (90~110 lvl)
  • Hidden Palmir Remains (90~110 level hard dungeon)                           



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